Cafe Kitty: Where Soho’s Quirky Charm Meets Delicious Bites

So, there’s this gem tucked away in Soho, London—Cafe Kitty. Let me give you the lowdown on this cool spot.

Quirky Vibes in Soho

Right by the flashy lights of the Mood Sex Shop on Walker’s Court is Cafe Kitty. Sure, the neon signs spell out some adult-themed stuff, but trust me, the real excitement is inside. Their menu has me hooked with promises of devilled eggs and buffalo chicken with stilton dressing—now that’s my kind of jam!

Soho: Changing Yet Lively

Soho’s had its glow-up. Those days of shady deals and red lamps are behind us. The Boulevard Theatre, once a classic joint, now rocks a modern vibe. Cafe Kitty’s set up shop here, blending old-school charm with a touch of artsy flair.

Cafe Kitty’s Vibe

Walk into Cafe Kitty, and you’ll feel like you’re in a trendy Parisian joint. Think deep blue seats, walls painted a faded salmon pink, and, get this, a slightly worn-out piano chilling in the corner.

Feast-Worthy Eats

This joint’s menu comes straight from the brains behind Kitty Fisher’s and Cora Pearl. It’s all about small plates here, and they do it right—crispy potatoes, legit Caesar salad, and even trout gravadlax to make your taste buds dance.

Sip and Indulge

Hold up, their drinks are worth a mention too! Ever heard of a Bad Kitty cocktail? It’s got gin, sloe gin, elderflower, lemon, and cava. And their desserts? Boozy knickerbocker glory or pear and gingerbread mousse. Yes, please!

Soho’s Buzzing Charm

Amidst all the twinkling lights, Cafe Kitty is that spot where Soho’s vibe comes alive. Sip a cocktail, munch on some goodies, or catch a show nearby—it’s all about soaking in the lively Soho scene.

Big Ups to Charities

As the year wraps up, shoutout to charities like the Food Chain and Well Grounded. The Food Chain’s been backing up people with HIV for years, relying solely on donations. Well Grounded’s all about helping folks land jobs, offering barista training and backing diversity.

Jazz Food: A Cool Read

Oh, and check out Sean Wilson’s book, “Jazz Food.” It’s this rad mix of jazz legends and recipes. If you’re into jazz and drool-worthy food, this book’s your gig.

Cafe Kitty’s not just any dining spot—it’s where Soho’s history meets tasty treats. Dive into a blend of old-school vibes and lip-smacking food that’ll make your time in London streets unforgettable.